Monday, May 8, 2017

A centuries old traditional German speciality is now available in South Africa. Hot, a bit sweet, and spiced, Gluhwein, warms you up nicely. After a few sips of this hot brew of spices, sugar, citrus, and wine you get new energy to push on through the chilly African winter.

Our recipe has been passed through the family for over 200 years, we remember the smell of cinnamon during winter time, when the family sat together around the festive decorated fir tree and enjoyed gingerbread and Gluhwein, whilst the landscape outside was deeply snow-covered.

The word “Gluh” means “to glow”, the spices and the temperature of 65 ° warm you up from inside and let your cheeks glow. Hand mixed and filled in cute little bottles with organic spices under stringent conditions by two German Master chefs, we only ensure the highest quality of products.

This product is the highlight of your next party or a bestseller in your shop. It contains all needed spices to make your Gluhwein at home from any light sweet / medium sweet red wine.

One little bottle contains all needed spices to make Gluhwein from any light sweet / medium sweet red wine. One little bottle mixes with one bottle of wine - as easy is this?     

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