How to prepare our Gluhwein

In a saucepan, combine 0,75 l of light red wine with the content of one little spice bottle. Add 250 ml orange juice. Do NOT add water. You may add slices of oranges or lemons, its up to you. That's it.

A cup with traditional German Gluhwein - A cup with traditional German Gluehwein

Warm the mixture up to 60° - 70°, do NOT boil. The right temperature is the same a tea would have. Serve hot and enjoy.

German Gluhwein - German Gluehwein - German Glow wine

Don't use cheap wine, as often proposed in recipes. Use a wine of the quality, that you would enjoy with a good meal. The reason for many headaches after some cups of Gluhwein is that people use the cheapest wine. Use a medium sweet wine, not a bone dry one. The less sugar is added, the less problems you have the next morning.

German Gluhwein Spice - German Gluehwein Spice - German Glowwine Spice

Almost remember that the Gluhwein contains quite some alcohol. Don't drink and drive......

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